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Epic Exchanges

May 1, 2018

In this week's Exchange, we speak about the legacies we leave behind. If you left this world tomorrow, how will you be remembered by your family, friends, co-workers, competitors and even your enemies. How would you like to be remembered?

Kelly shares the story of her father’s cancer diagnosis and how he chose to live during his final days. He could have been angry, however he chose to make the best of the days he had, spending time and making lasting memories with his family and friends.

What you can start doing today is to live a life that creates a lasting legacy of inspiration, motivation, encouragement.  What will you leave behind?

Episode Quotes:

“Your story is the greatest legacy that you can leave to your friends.”  – Steve Saint

“If I will love then I will find that I have touched another life and that’s something worth leaving behind.”  - Beavers & Douglas (recorded by Leeann Womack)

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