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Epic Exchanges

May 15, 2018

There is a big difference between recounting the facts of your life and real, emotional and autobiographical storytelling.  When you share about the people and events that have truly mattered to you in your own life, you can experience a substantial impact on your psychological and physical health.

Some of the benefits of discovering and sharing your story are:

  • You can help others.
  • You find your voice
  • It helps you to re-affirm your values.
  • It helps you find peace and hope.

Whatever your story holds in the past, you have the power to write what’s next.  We can turn the page to a blank slate and create what we want, but with all of the knowledge and power and strength that we gained getting to this point.

Exchange Quotes:

“Life is a book. We fill the pages.”  - Victoria Valentine 

“I’m a story. One with a past and a future unwritten.” – Heidi W. Darrow

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Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

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